MOST PEOPLE DESIRE EASY MONEY – Example: Gambling is huge.

MOST PEOPLE ARE INQUISITIVE – Example: An accident on a highway blocks BOTH sides.

This is basic human nature!

Big Bang combines this basic human nature with brilliant technology and has produced “a world first” FREE mobile and desktop application that:

• Gives consumers a better deal.
• Makes money for them.
• Makes a fortune for you.
• Does almost all the work for you to make money for you.


Giants like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and many others pay us a commission on any sales made via our app which we share with our app users.



  1. Give the consumer a BETTER DEAL than he could otherwise get on his own..
  2. Reward the consumer handsomely for sharing the app.


Download the app from Google here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bigbang.mobile


So, what makes the Big Bang Promoter Opportunity so special?


1. From his own shopping PLUS:
2. From the shopping done by the people he refers.


Our structure is based upon the following:


• The monthly average global online spend is R 2 500 per person.
• Our average commission from our retailers is 10%
• We always give half of our commission to our app users.


So, if you just shared the app with 30 people who spend as per the global average, apart from the benefits you receive from YOUR OWN shopping, you would earn R 1 125.00 per month commission from the shopping done by these people and it has cost you absolutely nothing. Obviously, the more you share the app, the more you earn.

NOW, curiosity will instinctively cause him to click the very inviting button, labelled “Great income awaits you” and when he does, he is invited to become a Big Bang Promoter.



Great Income awaits you!

NOW, let’s introduce you to the secret to real wealth –

This is where it gets very exciting. Clearly, the very people you shared the app with, will also want to earn from the shopping done by others, so they, in turn, will share the app with as many people as they can as well.


Here is an example:
Let’s assume you only share the app with 30 people who in turn do the same and so on.

Earning from online shopping is based upon the following:

• The monthly average global online spend is R 2 500 per person.
• Our average commission from our retailers is 10%
• We therefore receive an average of R 250 per shopper per month.

• We pay 15% on the 1st level = R 37.50
• We pay 10% on the 2nd level = R 25.00
• We pay 5% on the 3rd level = R 12.50


So, you could be earning a total of R 361 125 per month from other people’s online shopping.
Incredibly, the license fee for opening up these 3 levels is ONLY R 1 000!
… But a Promoter ALSO earns commission from the license fees paid by new Promoters.
To expand on the previous example where you share the app with 30 people who in turn do the same and so on.
Achieving a 30 X 30 X 30 matrix of paid Promoters, you will receive the following commission:



Remember the R 361 125 you earn every month from the online shopping … and you only ever shared the app with 30 people yourself!


As mentioned earlier, you simply share the FREE app and the app itself will invite people to become Promoters via the “Great Income Awaits you” button.

But, it’s remarkable exactly HOW MUCH extra we ALSO do to help you achieve your goals!
When you join as a Promoter, you receive the following personalised assistance from us:

1.  A Hyperlink that you spread around Social Media. – You earn the commission
from anyone who joins via your link.
2. A Dashboard from where you can send referrals to people you know. – Simply enter the
name and e-mail address of your contact and our system automaticaly:
a. Links them to you forever.
b. Invites them to become a Promoter.
3. We ALSO go the extra mile to help you fill your 2nd and 3rd levels by giving you the
right to offer a FREE Promoter opportunity to schools, churches and charities.

When these insttutions spread THEIR hyperlink, they will fill your 2nd level quicker than you can imagine. Every Promoter has the same benefit, so you can expect the “snowball effect” to fill your 3rd level just as quickly.

Now ask yourself this … how long do you think it will take for 30 people to join as Promoters after seeing your “Teaser” hyperlink which looks like this?


If your answer is a month and the average person also takes 1 month to appoint 30 Promoters, you will earn R 1 444 500 in less than 4 months! (This is assuming everyone only ever appoints 30 Promoters.)


1. Share the FREE app with as many people as you can.
2. Expose your hyperlink on any Social media platform.
3. Refer your contacts to become Promoters from your dashboard.

Don’t stop sharing… the more you share… the more you earn… simple as that!


Joining only takes a minute – CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Make payment of R 1000 to the following Bank account:



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62707073897


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